20) “Angela Merkel wins in Germany”

by Javier Carro

Topics: Economy, Frontpage

September 23, 2013.

Angela Merkel, wins the German elections yesterday, Sunday (September 22, 2013).

Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has received a resounding endorsement to their policies the electorate that puts it on the edge of an absolute majority.

The chancellor´s party enjoyed a swing of some eight percentage points to 41.8 per cent of the vote.

“This is a super result”, Ms Merkel told party activicts after a campaign that focused on her personality as a safe pair of hands in turbulent times.

The result was greeted with cheers at the CDU party head-quarters in Berlin, and then with shock, as the failure of the FDP to make the 5 per cent hurdle sank in. Liberals heading for worst result in history…But German politics is always about forming coalitions, and there are not always natural alliances on the right or on the left.

Unemployment is near a record low, in Germany, and the economy is still growing…The contrast between Germany and its crisis-hit eurozone partners could hardly be more stark.

While rising house prices have caused some concern at a posible bubble in Germany.  ∎

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