26) «The 22 skills of great leader women»

by Javier Carro

Topics: Frontpage, Leadership

October 19, 2013.

Strong leadership starts with being able to pull together a group of people—who may not have anything in common—and getting them to buy into a vision of themselves as a collective group who can achieve uncommon results.

The Boston Consulting Group reported that in 2009 women controlled 27% of the world’s wealth, 33% of financial assets in North America, «meaning that they decide where the assets are invested.» Within the next decade, private wealth in the United States is expected to reach $22 trillion with half of it controlled by women. Looking to the future, due to longer lifespans, women are expected to control a large portion of what Boston College researchers say will be an estimated $42 trillion wealth transfer by 2052.

The women leaders share a strong profile: assertive, persuasive, empathic, willing to take risks, outgoing, flexible and have a need to get things done. These personality qualities combine to create a leadership profile that is much more conducive to today’s diverse workplace, where information is shared freely, collaboration is vital and teamwork distinguishes the best companies.

–          “The tide has turned. The leadership skills that come naturally to women are now absolutely necessary for companies to continue to thrive. It certainly is the reverse of how it was when I first started out in the workplace. It seems like poetic justice.” (Regina Sacha, Vice President of Human Resources for FedEx Custom).


The identified 22 competencies and skills that top women leaders display:

  1. Analysis (solves problems and analysis issues).
  2. Assertiveness.
  3. Career development (develops others).
  4. Champions change (winner).
  5. Communication (communicates powerfully and prolifically).
  6. Development (practices self-development).
  7. Drives for results (focus on business).
  8. Empathy and Charisma.
  9. Ethics (displays high integrity and honesty).
  10. Expertise (technical or professional expertise).
  11. Flexibility (and thoroughness).
  12. Goals (establishes stretch goals).
  13. Initiative (takes initiative).
  14. Innovation (innovates).
  15. Motivation (inspires and motivates others).
  16. Networking (connects the group to the outside world)
  17. Relationships (builds relationships).
  18. Risk (willingness to risk).
  19. Sociability (public relations)
  20. Strategy (develops a strategic perspective).
  21. Team player (collaboration and teamwork).
  22. Urgency (decision making and implementation).

These women leaders score significantly high in: ego-drive (persuasive motivation), assertiveness, willingness to risk, empathy, urgency, flexibility and sociability. They have special style of problem solving and decision making

Jeannette Lichner (Managing Director – Bank of America) said:  “The strong leadership profile exhibited by these women on both sides of the Atlantic points to the future. The female view that we strengthen ourselves by strengthening others is redefining leadership.”

In general, as a leader, there are times you need to risk going in a direction that no one else has ever taken before. You just have to step out there and follow the path you think is right. ∎

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