28) «Which is the best country for women?»

by Javier Carro

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October 26, 2013.

Where´s the place to be a woman?, an­nounced BBC News past October 24.

For five years in a row, Iceland has been rated the country with the world’s smallest gender gap by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Iceland is joined at the top of the The Global Gender Gap Report, 2013 (Iceland 1st, out of 136 countries). Europe has seven countries in the top 10 (Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland). UK is 18th. USA is 23rd. Nicaragua is the highest-placed country from the Americas, at 10th. The Philippines, at 5th at the top-10 (the highest ranking Asian nation). Yemen is the last one (136th / 136).

–  Spain is the 30th at the 2013-Ranking (it was at 10th position in 2007).

Top-10 countries (2013) for women

1. Iceland

2. Finland

3. Norway

4. Sweden

5. Philippines

6. Ireland

7. New Zealand

8. Denmark

9. Switzerland

10. Nicaragua.

Health: The gender gap is most narrow in this category, where there is 96% equality, according to the WEF. The two main measures used are a comparison of healthy life expectancy and the sex ratio between boys and girls at birth. Typically, women have a life expectancy several years longer than men. But, in Pakistan the situation is reversed, with men living on average one year longer than women. China and India are marked down by the WEF for having a high ratio of boy babies compared with girls.

Education: when it comes to addressing the gender gap “education is an accelerator”. The WEF estimates there is 93% equality.

Economics: in the world of work, in some nations few women are in senior jobs, despite high levels of female participation in the workforce (for example: Brazil and China). Overall the WEF estimates there is 60% equality in economics.

Politics: The gender gap is widest in the world of politics, according to the WEF, women occupy only around 20% of leadership roles in political positions compared to men. The bottom countries: such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The highest-ranking: Nordic countries.

The Best: Iceland. ∎

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