31) «Spanish Film Industry: The Goyas»

by Javier Carro

Topics: Economy, Frontpage


February 15, 2014.

−Spain’s version of the Oscars−.

The Goya awards ceremony turned into an argument against austerity, as award winners used their acceptance speeches to denounce cuts in public spending on culture and other sectors. Main problems: the increase of the VAT, the absence of a business model consensus between Government and Industry, and the enormous concern triggered by the price of tickets has left outdoors to a sector weakened as never before. The speech of the President of the Spanish Cinema Academy (Academia del Cine Español), Enrique González Macho, visibly excited, recalled: «making films in Spain is a heroic act». The representans of the three main organizations of the sector were also there (FEDICINE, the Spanish federation of film distributors, said it had no direct evidence of iffy ticket sales, FAPAE the Association of Spanish Movie Producers, and the Spanish Cinema Academy). Thanks to his absence the Minister of Culture, José Ignacio Wert, became the most important presence of protesters to the gates of the Auditorium. The complaints come as the Spanish film industry, like the rest of the country, is struggling with the impact of government subsidy cuts and tax hikes aimed at reducing the deficit and complying with budgetary targets mandated by Brussels.

“The witches of Zugarramurdi”, of Alex de la Iglesia, which added eight Goya Awards from ten nominations and by number of statuettes was the virtual winner; “Living is easy with eyes closed”, by David Trueba, six (best film, direction, screenplay, actor, actress, soundtrack).

The Goya´s main prizes (Films which were awarded)

  1. Best film: “Living is easy with eyes closed” (“Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados”)
  2. Best Director: David Trueba, for “Living is easy with eyes closed”.
  3. Best Original Screenplay: David Trueba, for “Living is easy with eyes closed”.
  4. Best Adapted Screenplay: Alejandro Hernández y Mariano Barroso, for “All and women” (“Todas las mujeres”).
  5. Best Actor: Javier Cámara, for “Living is easy with eyes closed».
  6. Best Actress: Marian Álvarez by “The wound” (“La herida”).
  7. Best Supporting Actress: Terele Pávez by “The witches of Zugarramurdi” (“Las brujas de Zugarramurdi”).
  8. Best Supporting Actor: Roberto Álamo, by “Spanish family” (“La gran familia española”).
  9. Best “Young” Director: Fernando Franco by “The wound” (“La herida”).
  10. Best Revelation Actress: Natalia Molina, for “Living is easy with eyes closed”.
  11. Best Revelation Actor: Javier Pereira, by “Stockholm”.
  12. Best European film:  “Love” (“Amor”), of Michael Haneke. ∎

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