37) “Spanish companies investing in USA” 

by Javier Carro

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«Spanish Companies investing in USA»

The Spanish groups have announced increasing investments in their US subsidiaries. Javier Carro, comments on that topic:

BBVA has inaugurated a new headquarters in San Francisco in which the areas of its division of New Digital Businesses will work. The opening of the new office, located in the Embarcadero business complex in the Californian financial district, will allow the Digital Sales and Marketing teams to concentrate with those of Spring Studio, the company specialized in user experience that was acquired by BBVA last year.

Q: How do you see the next scenario of Spanish companies investing in USA?

Javier Carro: The United States are becoming one of the preferred destination for the Spanish infrastructure companies after next President Mr. Trump has announced to invest $ 1 billion in improving their ports, highways and airports.

Q: What are the main sectors leading the investment trend?

Javier Carro:  The Spanish groups are reinforced in the USA with $ 3.6 billion investments. One of the most active is infrastructure sector with companies such as ACS and FERROVIAL.

Q: Which is the top project of Florentino Pérez the President of ACS?

Javier Carro: ACS wants to bid for AVE tender that will go from Los Ángeles to San Francisco in California. That huge project is worthy $ 68.000 millions, and ACS has already got 11 similar projects around the world. ACS gets 40% of its turnover from its business in the United States.

Q: What is the strategy of FERROVIAL in order to increase its business in the US?

Javier Carro: FERROVIAL, whose President is Rafael del Pino, already manages 4 highways in the country and has just gained a new contract to build a new one in Virginia with a budget of $ 3.000 millions. The United States are the third market in its turnover for FERROVIAL. ∎

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