6) «General Strike -in Spain- on Nov.14»

by Javier Carro

Topics: Economy, Frontpage

6)      «General Strike -in Spain- on Nov.14»


Spanish unions called last week (15 oct – 21 oct, 2012) for a for a general strike on Nov.14, 2012.

Mr Rajoy has faced an increasingly powerful pushback against his austerity program. Nationwide protests have intensified against his latest budget, which includes cuts in services and tax increases.

As elsewhere in Spain, unhappiness has been building in Galicia, too.

Galicia´s politicians and bankers encouraged reckless and unchecked spending during Spain´s decade-long construction boom, which came to an abrupt halt with bursting of Spain´s construction bubble in 2008.

This month, Mr Feijóo´s government (President of regional government of Galicia) suffered an unexpected blow when the local court of auditors questioned the delayed booking of about euros 400 million of unpaid government bills. ∎

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